For Carers

Carers provide a valuable service to the community by providing care and support to people with a disability or severe medical condition, who are frail aged or are children who can’t live with their birth parents. Carers may give care for a few hours a week or all day every day, depending on the level of support needed. Some carers are eligible for government benefits, while others are employed or have a private income.

Many don’t consider themselves to be carers. They see themselves as just family members, so they may not ask for help, and can sometimes miss out on the wide range of services available today to help carers meet their responsibilities.

This page provides links that may be helpful for carers in our community.

Have you taken on the care of someone else’s child?

Find out what payments, services and supports you may be eligible for:

Information for Young Carers

Information for Carers of:


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