For Parents

This page is for parents and has information and advice about family relationship issues. You will find information you can read as well as services that may be able to help.

Information you might find useful

  • Managing conflict - Although conflict is a normal part of our relationships and is perfectly healthy if handled well, it sometimes escalates and becomes destructive. This factsheet offers tips and ideas for managing conflict well.
  • Violence and family law - This factsheet summarises how the family law system deals with family violence and child abuse.
  • Children and separation- This guide offers ways you can help children during separation as well as suggestions about making arrangements for the children.
  • An introduction to parenting plans - A parenting plan is an agreement that sets out parenting arrangements for children. It empowers parents to arrive at their own decisions about suitable parenting arrangements.
  • Information about services to support families - There is a wide range of services available to help families to build better relationships or to help deal with separation.

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You can find resources especially for children on the For children page


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