Handling Changes

All relationships have their ups and downs.

Developing good communication and sound relationship skills early on will help you if the going gets tough. The same skills can help you build strong ties with your wider family and friends - they can give you support in difficult times.

Solid relationships set you up to meet the changes and challenges of life, such as:

  • becoming a parent
  • raising children
  • facing life's joys and disappointments
  • coping with loss and grief.

Having a shaky moment does not mean your relationship is in trouble, but it may be a sign that you could do with some help. Don't delay. Seeking help early can keep your relationship intact and even make it stronger.

Sometimes however, couples will change and grow apart. You may make the difficult decision to separate and divorce. Most importantly, at this challenging time, you will need to focus on what's best for your children.

In making these challenging decisions, it is essential that you can fall back on high-quality relationship and communication skills.

You can get help on a range of issues including separation and family violence. There are also services that focus on particular groups such as men, adolescents or people from indigenous or culturally diverse backgrounds.

Make use of these services. They are there to steer you through.

To search for the following information, click on the links below or call the Family Relationships Advice Line on 1800 050 321.


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