Separation is hard and can be very painful. You often don't know what to expect.

Be prepared for a roller-coaster of emotions. You may feel angry, hurt, lonely or sad and you may not want to mix with people.

It is also a time of great stress which may lead to insomnia or loss of appetite. Look after yourself: rest, relaxation, exercise and healthy eating will help you through.

Arguments and tension with your partner is draining on you and your children. It is likely to make your children feel insecure, anxious and distressed and they may show signs of this at school. The answer is to get help.

Work through your feelings and issues with a professional. They can help you with strategies to build a positive and strong relationship with your children and to make good decisions that are not coloured by the emotions of the moment.

You are not alone and it's okay to ask for help. And things will get better.

It might surprise you to find how supportive people and the community can be. You don't know until you ask!

To search for the following information, click on the links below or call the Family Relationships Advice Line on 1800 050 321.


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