Family Law Pathways Network

The Australian Government funds Family Law Pathways Networks around Australia. Each Network comprises of professionals operating within the family law system who focus on information-sharing and networking opportunities in a local area; and develop and maintain cross-sector training to help build stronger working relationships across the family law system.

Family Law Pathways Networks are managed by a Steering Committee that develops an Annual Work Plan for the Network. Membership of Networks typically includes (but is not limited to):

  • Family Court
  • Federal Magistrates Court
  • Legal Aid Commissions
  • Community Legal Centres
  • Family Violence Prevention Legal Services
  • Family Relationship Services (Family Relationship Centres, Children’s Contact Services, Parenting Orders Programmes, Family Dispute Resolution Services, Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Services, Support Children after Separation Programmes, Counselling Services, Men and Family Relationship Services)
  • Family Relationship Advice Line
  • Family law lawyers
  • Child Support Agency, and
  • Centrelink.

The Networks contribute to the family law system by:

  • assisting with maintaining appropriate referral mechanisms between locally based organisations operating as part of or alongside the family law system
  • developing and maintaining a shared understanding of the roles of Network members and key organisations operating as part of or alongside the family law system, and
  • developing and maintaining awareness of products, services and training available to Network members.

All networks meet regularly and encourage new members.

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