Family Relationship Centre Cairns

The Cairns Family Relationship Centre is a modern, spacious and sensitively designed facility, where parents and families are welcomed and made to feel as much “at home“as possible. There are internet terminals (you can access the Family Relationships Online and the Family Relationships Advice Line free of charge) and reading spaces at the front of the Centre together with a refreshment counter. Internally, meeting rooms are not only bright and very comfortable but are structured to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Conveniently located in the Cairns CBD, the centre is very close to bus public transport, and there is on-street parking a short walk from our front door. Disabled access is provided.

We provide services for families living in and around Cairns, west to the Tablelands, south to Innisfail and north through to Cape York and the islands of the Torres Strait. For people living in remote areas or where circumstances make it difficult to attend the Centre, our services can be accessed via telephone.

When clients contact the centre, our interest is to quickly ascertain how we may assist and determine how best to provide an appropriate service or services. At all times, we will treat clients respectfully and with understanding in circumstances that may be very difficult or distressing. 

The centre will provide families-at any stage in a relationship-with information and referrals to a range of services that can assist in strengthening family relationships. We support couples having difficulties in their relationships and assist families to make their relationships stronger. The Centre makes it easier for families to negotiate their way through the pathways while remaining child focused during times of separation, divorce and other family issues as they arise. Separating or separated families can be assisted with individual interviews, group and joint sessions.

Our Centre is staffed with experienced, qualified professionals who are able to provide high quality, impartial and confidential services in a welcoming, safe and confidential environment. Services are always offered on the basis that the best interest of the children is our highest priority.

The Centre’s Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Service helps parents to resolve conflict and develop workable arrangements for care of their children, including parenting plans. Families accessing the Centre’s FDR Service are supported through a three step process:

  • Step 1 – For each party to the dispute, a one on one session with a family dispute resolution practitioner is provided.
  • Step 2 – If, after seeing both parties, family dispute resolution is assessed as appropriate, each parent is invited to attend a group information session.
  • Step 3 – Parties attend a joint family dispute resolution session. This joint session can take a number of forms to accommodate varying needs. Formats include: all parties meeting in the same room, a shuttle arrangement where each party is in a separate room and the family dispute resolution practitioner moves between the rooms, or the session can be conducted via telephone. The practitioners manage the process from beginning to end to facilitate the most constructive environment.

Child focus

It is expected that many of our clients will approach us with issues in relation to children or parenting. In those cases, we will keep the best interests of children as the paramount consideration. If families have separated or divorced, the centre can assist the parents, and other family members, to develop a parenting plan for their children. The Centre is offering some group programs including “Focus On Children”, an information and education group for separated parents.

Other services

We work closely with, and refer to, many other local community and government organisations providing services including counselling, legal advice, migrant and family support services.

Department of Social Services Disclaimer – the information on this page has been provided by this Family Relationship Centre.

Location and Operating Hours

  • Name: Family Relationship Centre Cairns
  • Physical Address: 125 Grafton STREET
    CAIRNS, QLD 4870
  • Approx Distance From You: Unknown
  • Phone: 0740416063
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  • Operating Hours:
    Mon 08:45AM-07:30PM Tue 08:45AM-04:45PM Wed 08:45AM-07:30PM Thur 08:45AM-04:45PM Fri 08:45AM-04:45PM
  • Waiting Time:
    No waiting times specified.

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