Family Relationship Centre Strathpine

The Strathpine Family Relationship Centre provides information and referrals for families at any stage of their relationships, as well as individual interviews, group and joint sessions for separating or separated families.

Staff at the Centre provide advice on parenting after separation and help parents focus on the needs of their children. They provide Family Dispute Resolution to help parents resolve conflict and develop workable arrangements (including parenting plans) for their children.

There is onsite parking available at the front of the building and more parking directly behind the building. If a client has disabilities, such as wheelchair or mobility issues, we can see them in a room on the ground floor.

Staff at the Centre come from a range of backgrounds including Social Sciences, Psychology, Education, and Law. Interaction between staff helps us to evaluate family situations from a variety of perspectives, but guidance is always offered with the best interest of the child as the highest priority.

Community outreach is an important focus for the Centre. We coordinate with other agencies and professionals in the community to deliver workshops and courses that offer support for strengthening family relationships.

Family Dispute Resolution is a three step process at the Strathpine Family Relationship Centre. The first step is an individual session with a family dispute resolution practitioner. If Family Dispute Resolution is assessed as appropriate after seeing both parties involved then each parent is required to attend a group education session where there is interaction around the best interests of the child. The final step is a joint Family Dispute Resolution.

This joint session can take different forms to accommodate varying needs. These include all parties in the same room, a shuttle arrangement where each party is in a separate room and the family dispute resolution practitioner moves between rooms, or telephone mediation options.

Family dispute resolution practitioners manage the process from beginning to end and use their professional capacity to facilitate the most constructive environment.

Department of Social Services Disclaimer – the information on this page has been provided by this Family Relationship Centre.

Location and Operating Hours

  • Name: Family Relationship Centre Strathpine
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