Children and Parenting

The Children and Parenting Sub-Activity funds early intervention and prevention services and resources that are aimed at improving children’s development and wellbeing and supporting the capacity of those in a parenting role.

Services have a primary focus on children aged 0-12 years, but may include children up to age 18 years.

The Children and Parenting Sub-Activity has a number of components, including (but not limited to):

Children and Parenting Support

Children and Parenting Support services provide support to children and families based on an early intervention and prevention approach. Services actively seek to identify issues that are or could impact on child or family outcomes and provide interventions or appropriate referrals before these issues escalate.

Services could include community playgroups, supported playgroups, parenting courses, home visiting and peer support groups, as well as resources that provide information about children’s development and parenting skills.

Intensive Family Support Services

Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS) provides intensive and practical parenting education and support to families in their communities and homes for approximately 12 months, to help them improve the health, safety and wellbeing of their children. IFSS are evidence-informed and outcomes-based and focus on reducing child neglect and increasing the capacity of families to support their children to be safe, nurtured and thriving.

IFSS supports the most vulnerable families in identified communities in the Northern Territory and Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands.

An IFSS Implementation and Capacity Support Service (ICSS) will work with IFSS providers to support the effective and robust delivery of evidence-informed and outcomes based services.


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