Communities for Children Facilitating Partners

Communities for Children Facilitating Partners (CfC FP) aim to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes for children and families in disadvantaged communities throughout Australia. CfC FPs are place-based and develop and facilitate a whole of community approach to support and enhance early childhood development and wellbeing for children from birth to 12 years, but may include children up to age 18 years.

CfC FPs build on local strengths to meet local community needs and create capability within local service systems, using strong evidence of what works in early intervention and prevention. They collaborate with other organisations to provide a holistic service system for children and families. CfC FPs fund other organisations (known as Community Partners) to provide services including parenting support, early learning and literacy programmes, group peer support, home visiting services, community events, case management and other supports to promote child wellbeing. CfC FPs are committed to evidence-based practice and actively support the provision of services that will improve outcomes for children and families.

Facilitating Partners also establish and maintain local committees to assist in planning, guiding and supporting activities in communities. These local committees include clients, parents and caregivers, government representatives, local businesses and service providers.


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