Services To Support Families

The Australian Government provides funding to a wide range of agencies and services to help Australian families strengthen their relationships and to provide assistance during family breakdown and when families are separating.

Family Relationship Advice Line - Freecall ™ 1800 050 321

The Family Relationship Advice Line is a national non face to face service comprising of the following components:

  • anonymity and confidentiality
  • telephone information and advice
  • telephone and online dispute resolution service, and
  • telephone legal advice service

The Advice Line is available from 8am to 8pm (local time) Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm (local time) on Saturdays (except national public holidays). Read more.

Family Relationship Centres

Family Relationship Centres are a source of information and confidential advice for families at all stages in their life. Read more.

Family Law Services

The Family Law Services are funded under the policy responsibility of the Attorney-General’s Department. The Family Law Services are an important component of the family law system which also includes legal assistance services, family law courts, and Department of Human Services – Child Support. Read more.

Family and Relationship Services

Family and Relationship Services are a Sub-Activity under the Families and Children Activity and aim to strengthen family relationships, prevent breakdown and ensure the wellbeing and safety of children through the provision of broad-based counselling and educations to families of different forms and sizes. These services are primarily early intervention and prevention and are targeted to critical family transition points including formation, extension and separation. Read more.

Communities for Children Facilitating Partner

Communities for Children Facilitating Partners (CfC FP) is a Sub-Activity under the Families and Children Activity that aims to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes for children and families in disadvantaged communities throughout Australia. CfC FP’s are place-based and develop and facilitate a whole of community approach to support and enhance early childhood development and wellbeing for children from birth to 12 years, but may include children up to 18 years. Read more.

Children and Parenting

Provides funding to early intervention and prevention services and resources that are aimed at improving children’s development and wellbeing and supporting the capacity of those in a parenting role. Services have a primary focus on children aged 0-12 years, but may include children up to 18 years. Read more.

Young People

Supports early intervention and prevention services for young people. These services assist young people and their families to improve family relationships, promote family functioning, and support engagement with work, education, training and the community, including those at risk of homelessness. Read more.

Adult Specialist Support Services

The Adult Specialist Support Sub-Activity provides specialist services and support to improve outcomes and enhance wellbeing for people adversely affected by past institutional and child-welfare practices and policies. Read more.

Legal Assistance Programmes

The Australian Government funds a range of legal assistance programmes. The services listed may provide further information to individuals wishing to obtain legal advice or information. Read more.


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