Family Relationship Centre Greensborough

Title: Family Relationship Centre Greensborough
Organisation: Family Relationship Centre Greensborough
Jurisdiction: Victoria
Resource Type: Family Relationship Centres
Provide information and referrals for families at any stage of their relationships, as well as individual interviews, group and joint sessions (including family dispute resolution) for separating or separated families. Centres provide advice on parenting after separation and help parents focus on the needs of their children. They provide dispute resolution (such as mediation or conciliation) to help parents resolve conflict and develop workable arrangements (including parenting plans) for their children.
Web Address:
Funded by: Families and Children Activity
Cost: Free and Charged
Last Updated: 14/03/2014
Alternate Search Terms: Family Relationship Centre (FRC), Family Relationship Services Program (FRSP), Family Support Program (FSP)
Outlets and Operating Hours:
  • Name: Family Relationship Centre Greensborough
  • Physical Address: 79 Grimshaw STREET
  • Approx Distance From You: Unknown
  • Phone: (03) 9404 7800
  • Email:
  • Operating Hours:
    Mon 08:30AM-05:00PM Tue 08:30AM-05:00PM Wed 08:30AM-08:00PM Thur 08:30AM-08:00PM Fri 09:00AM-05:00PM
  • Waiting Time:
    No waiting times specified.
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