About Family Relationship Centres


Family Relationship Centres are a source of information and confidential assistance for families at all stages in their lives.

Centres have a focus on providing family dispute resolution (mediation) to enable separating families achieve workable parenting arrangements outside the Court system.

Whether you are going through separation, starting a relationship, want to make your relationship stronger, or having relationship difficulties, the Centres can help.

Sixty-five Centres have been established throughout Australia.

Funded by the Australian Government, the Centres are staffed by independent, professionally qualified staff offering confidential and impartial services in a welcoming, safe and confidential environment.

All the Centres have facilities for children and free internet access to help you find more information online. Many of the services are free or are offered on a sliding scale, according to your level of income.

Where families separate, the Centres provide information, advice, group sessions and dispute resolution to help people reach agreement on parenting arrangements without going to court.

Through providing information or referring you to services in your area that can help, the Centres can also help families strengthen relationships and deal with relationship difficulties.

The Centres also offer individual, group and joint sessions to help separating families make workable arrangements for their children without having to go to court. More information about the Centres and their Service Charter.

To find a Family Relationship Centre near you, click on the links below for contact details or search by location on Family Relationships Online.


















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