Working things out

Relationships can be rewarding, but also complex. At times, we need support to deal with relationship difficulties. You can seek support from friends and family, or get help from professional services.

Getting help to work things out

Sometimes we are so caught up with difficult situations, we don’t recognise when we need help to deal with them. By getting support from a professional service, you can better understand what might be causing the relationship difficulties, and get strategies to improve the situation.

The professional service can help work out the best type of support for you, depending on your situation. They might recommend counselling. Find out more about counselling and how it could help you.

You can go to a service in person, or get help in other ways. If you don’t want to use a local service, or live in a rural or remote area, you can usually get support by phone, online or Skype. Search for a type of service and then use the map to check the service’s closest outlet.

Getting help by phone

The Family Relationship Advice Line is a national telephone service which assists families affected by relationship issues by providing information, advice and referral to services.

The Family Relationship Advice Line: 1800 050 321

Callers from overseas: phone +61 7 3423 6878. The phone company you use to make the call will charge you for the cost of the call.

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm local time

Saturday 10am to 4pm local time

Closed Sundays and national public holidays.

Paul and Lisa have been married for 15 years and have two children aged 12 and 14. The couple have had relationship problems for some time. Both are worried about the impact this could have on their kids. After some long talks, they decide to get help by going to counselling.

First off, they Google ‘counselling services’, but are confused about the different types of counselling and other services available.

The Google search also finds the Family Relationship Advice Line, so Paul and Lisa phone to find out more about what types of support might suit them. The Advice Line staff explain the different counselling services, which helps Paul and Lisa choose a counselling service. The service helps Paul and Lisa identify some of the reasons they aren’t getting along, and suggests ways they could work to improve their relationship.

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Next steps

Find out more about counselling and how it could help you.

Search for services in your area or call the Family Relationship Advice Line.

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